I am Erin Gruver, founder and owner of lifeStyle. I specialize in residential organizing, estate organizing and real estate staging/ relocation services. Since April 2003, I have been helping clients lead more orderly, efficient, and enjoyable lives. My innate ability to organize has enabled me to develop both professional and practical approaches to help clients decrease clutter, increase productivity and gain control of their lives.

The secret to organized living starts with analyzing what you have and why you have held onto it; and then learning how to de-clutter your life. My clients learn that getting and staying organized starts with committing to some behavioral changes. It is a complete retraining of old habits, welcoming new and more efficient ones. There are many facets to organizing: purging; sorting; designating task areas; product selection; maximizing horizontal and vertical space; creating 'homes' for all belongings near the point of use and—last but not least—returning things to their home after use.

I recognize that no two people are alike; thus the solutions I provide to each organizational challenge must be specific to a clients' needs. 'Cookie cutter' solutions do not work here." more

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